Public Speaking: An Idea Focus

W. Clifton Adams

© Copyright 2012

All rights reserved. Short quotations from this work are permitted as long as proper citations are used.

Table of Contents


Note to Teachers and Acknowledgements

The Perspective

Chapter 1

Reasoning in the Public Arena

Chapter 2

Personal Responsibilities in the Public Arena

Chapter 3

The Adams Model of Reasoning

Informing: focusing on the bridge

Chapter 4

Topic Selection

Chapter 5

Research Considerations: Establishing Premises

Chapter 6

Supporting Material: Backing for Bridges

Chapter 7

Structuring Information

Chapter 8

Introductions and Conclusions

Chapter 9

Outlining the Informative Speech

Chapter 10

Basic Delivery: Appearing Knowledgeable

Audience analysis

Chapter 11

Understanding Cognitions

Chapter 12

Understanding Images

Chapter 13

Understanding Motives

Chapter 14

Understanding Social Systems

Chapter 15

Understanding Context

Chapter 16

Using Demographics

Audience adaption: linking to claim

Chapter 17

Developing Images

Chapter 18

Persuasive Stuctures

Chapter 19

Persuasive Strategies

Chapter 20

Persuasive Appeals

Chapter 21

Persuasive Language